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COMEX Schedule 2018 (January to June) | CSC Announcement

The COMEX Schedule 2018 was officially released by the Civil Service Commission through CSC COMEX Advisory No. 34, s. 2017. The following schedules for the conduct of CSC COMEX and the corresponding Online Reservation of examination slots shall be observed:

COMEX Schedule 2018 | Online Reservation

COMEX Schedule in Central and Regional Offices

Examination slots for the CSC Regional Offices shall include only the CSCROs joining the scheduled date of examination. Applicants or registrants are strongly advised to check the Testing Center and Personal Appearance Venue indicated in the Examination Schedule before making a reservation

How to avail CSC COMEX?

1. Fon non-holders of CSC COMEX account

  • Access the CSC COMEX website at
  • At the homepage, click the “Sign Up Now!” button
  • Fill out completely the online Registration Form
  • Submit the form by clicking the “Submit” button
  • Check your email account for the system confirmation email (Note: The system confirmation email may be found in the SPAM folder)
  • Activate your COMEX user account by clicking the activation link provided by the system confirmation email (Note: Successful activation shall redirect you to the COMEX website)
  • Log in to the COMEX System using your username and password.
  • Click the “Examination Schedules” tab
  • Reserve an examination slot

2. For holders of CSC COMEX account

  • Log in to the COMEX System using your username and password.
  • Click the “Examination Schedules” tab
  • Reserve an examination slot

Note: The number of examination slots available for online reservation is very limited. Slots may be taken and filled up in a matter of minutes. We strongly encourage those who were able to reserve a slot and later decide not to pursue taking the test to cancel their reservation online  in order for others to be able to take the slot.

The documentary requirements (link) will be presented during personal appearance before the designated CSC Office on the scheduled date and time.


Examination fee is P600 and service fee for digital information is P80, so the total fee for COMEX is P680. Test results including issuance of Eligibility Card for passers, shall be available within one (1) week after the examination.

What is the difference between the Paper-and-Pencil Test (PPT) and the COMEX?

A: The difference between the PPT and COMEX are 1) the manner of filing of application, 2) the examination fee, 3) the manner of taking the examination, and 4) the number of days test results are released.

In the PPT, application is filed personally in any CSCRO while in COMEX, the application begins when an applicant reserved an examination slot and is completed when the applicant confirmed his/her reservation during personal appearance at the Testing Center.

The examination fee is P500 and P600 for the PPT and COMEX, respectively.

With regard to manner of taking the test, examinees in PPT read the test question from a test booklet and record their responses on an answer sheet. On the other hand, examinees in COMEX read the test questions from computer screen and record their answers on the computer through the keyboard.

Useful Articles:

Source: CSC COMEX Advisory No. 34, s. 2017


  1. Dionisio G Villarta Jr Dionisio G Villarta Jr January 6, 2018

    Can a graduating individual allowed to take the proff exam?

  2. Eileen guzman Eileen guzman January 8, 2018

    Good day!
    Where are the regional offices of COMEX in CAR?

  3. Michaela Michaela January 10, 2018

    Is Career Service Examination different from civil service examination?

    • CivilServiceExam CivilServiceExam Post author | January 11, 2018

      It’s the same. The correct term is Career Service Examination. But people was used to call it Civil Service Exam.

  4. zakiyya zakiyya January 12, 2018

    is COMEX offered in zamboanga city?

  5. Nicole Ann Hifarva Nicole Ann Hifarva January 15, 2018

    is COMEX offered in Pagadian Zamboanga del Sur?

  6. William Ibeas William Ibeas January 15, 2018

    Where in Laguna can I apply for Carrer Service Examination?

    • CivilServiceExam CivilServiceExam Post author | January 15, 2018

      Sta. Cruz Laguna. Sa Kapitolyo.

  7. keneth keneth January 23, 2018

    naka down po ba ang system nyo maam/sir?

    • CivilServiceExam CivilServiceExam Post author | January 23, 2018

      Unstable kasi ang system nila. Try niyo po kapag madaling araw para maunti ang users.

  8. Jenna Jenna January 24, 2018

    Meron po ba nito sa Cagayan de Oro?

    • CivilServiceExam CivilServiceExam Post author | January 24, 2018

      Please check with CSC po diyan sa Cagayan de Oro.

  9. Arlene duque Arlene duque January 31, 2018

    Good day! Mam/sir can I take the comex even I’ll take the CSC pen last august but I didn’t pass

    • Civil Service Exam Admin Civil Service Exam Admin Post author | January 31, 2018

      Yes! Lapse na naman ang three months since August kaya pwede na.

  10. judymae judymae March 10, 2018

    goodpm kelangan poba magpunta pa muna sa regional office bago mag pareserve ng slot online thanks

    • Civil Service Exam Admin Civil Service Exam Admin Post author | March 14, 2018

      Online lang po ang reservation kapag COMEX.

  11. markyy markyy March 12, 2018

    bakit po palaging naka “internal error occured” sa pag submit ko nang form sa computerized exam?

  12. May Joy Limbaga May Joy Limbaga March 21, 2018

    Saan po ba ang Comex office sa davao po?

  13. Florence Florence March 23, 2018

    Ive tried sending an email po sa [email protected], the one in your website po, and for some reason, nag bounce back po email ko.

    Anyway po, I just have some questions po for clarifications:

    (1) Upon signing up for the exam, I was not able to come across the requirements needed to take the exam. Would just want to clarify, again, if there are requirements to prepare before signing up for a schedule and taking the exam on the day of schedule?
    Through this link, ang nakita ko lang po is 4 passport size pictures and valid IDs.
    Is that also for CSC COMEX takers po?

    (2) Lastly, I would like to ask if there are any other procedures needed, or required additional documents for those Filipino citizens but are not born here in the Philippines.

    Looking forward to your response.
    Thank you very much!

    • Civil Service Exam Admin Civil Service Exam Admin Post author | March 29, 2018

      Successfully po ba kayong nakapag-register sa COMEX?

      Same documentary requirements po ang kailangang ipasa kahit sa COMEX po:

      As long as Filipino Citizen ka, kahit born abroad ok lang po. Make sure na Filipino ang nakalagay sa birth cert.

  14. eva palicte eva palicte March 27, 2018

    hi po.. if nag exam po last march 18, 2018, csc pen, pwede na po ba mag apply for may 23 2018 comex?

    • Civil Service Exam Admin Civil Service Exam Admin Post author | March 29, 2018

      Hindi pa po pwede. Within 3 months po ay hindi pa pwede magtake ng exam.

      • vangie vangie May 22, 2018

        Hi po, pwede na po ba mag file ng Comex ng June 15 or 22, kahit kakaExam lang last march 18, 2018??

        • Civil Service Exam Admin Civil Service Exam Admin Post author | May 30, 2018

          June 22 pwede na. Dapat 3 months after the exam pa lang pwede magfile ulit.

  15. Jessie Jessie March 28, 2018

    Pano po pag ofw na gusto mgtake sa comex. Online ang reservation, pero kelangan p din ng personal appearance sa registration?.please share us more info..thank you

    • Civil Service Exam Admin Civil Service Exam Admin Post author | March 29, 2018

      No need ng personal appearance sa online registration, pero during the exam, dapat nasa Pinas po kayo dahil doon kayo mag-eexam sa mismong CSC branch.

  16. Mitchie Mitchie May 1, 2018

    are we allowed to use scratch paper for math computation since calculators are not allowed during the test

    • Civil Service Exam Admin Civil Service Exam Admin Post author | May 3, 2018

      Yes. Bibigyan po kayo.

  17. Mira Rodriguez Mira Rodriguez May 2, 2018

    Hindi naman po ako makapagregister sa website na ito for “” for COMEX, my connection daw po is not secure.

    • Civil Service Exam Admin Civil Service Exam Admin Post author | May 3, 2018

      Proceed mo lang. Ganoon lang sa una ang sinasabi ng COMEX website.

  18. vangie vangie May 21, 2018

    Nag take po ako ng CSC pen last March 18, 2018. pwede na po ba ako mag File ng June 15 or June 22 sa COMEX?? thankyou

    • Civil Service Exam Admin Civil Service Exam Admin Post author | June 7, 2018

      Depende kung ang date ng Exam sa COMEX ay magiging 3 months after March 18.

  19. Arlyn Bulante Sytico Arlyn Bulante Sytico May 30, 2018

    Bakit po walang schedule ang may 30, 2018 online reservation pag open ko kaninang umaga, pwede po ba malaman kung anu nanyari or kung nareschedule ba?

  20. Regine Calisin Regine Calisin September 12, 2019

    Hi! Every time I try to SIGN UP, a dialogue box pops up saying that the connection is not secure, hence, I could not proceed with the registration and application.

    I would like to ask for your assistance in this matter.

    Thanks and best regards

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