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Sentence Completion Questions in 2017 CSE (Items No. 56-65)

The following are the Sentence Completion Questions in 2017 CSE. This can serve as your reviewer to the upcoming Civil Service Examination.

DIRECTIONS: Circle the word or phrase that is the best completion for each sentence. On your Answer Sheet, shade completely the box that corresponds to your answer.

56. I have been lonely since you___ me anymore. (don’t visit / didn’t visit / visit)

57. Because you _______a friend, I will not ask for an apology. (are / was / will have been)

58. Mary began to cry, so he ____ ashamed. (has been / felt / had not felt)

59. Dad is going back to work now that his health_______ good. (was / will be / is)

60. He just gave up as there________ little he could do. (was / will be / was being)

61. We will visit you in order that we_______ you face-to-face. (see / have seen / saw)

62. Since you lost your job, you ___borrow money from us. (must have / have to /could have)

63. She trusted you because you________ a loyal friend. (will be / hadn’t been / were)

64. My stomach aches, so I______ to the doctor. (was going / will go / had gone)

65. Now that the war ______over, we can get on with our lives. (has been / was / is)

Key Answers:

56. don’t visit
57. are
58. felt
59. is
60. was
61. See
62 . have to
63. were
64. will go
65. is

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